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After my short trip to Olon and a loooong bus ride from (Olon to) Guayaquil to Lima, I arrived in Peru and spent about two weeks in there. (Side note: Peruvian buses > Ecuadorian buses, by far.) I took one short trip to Huacachina but hated it and left after one day. The tourist area of Lima, the Miraflores and Barranco districts especially, are really quite beautiful. It felt a lot safer than Quito and the architecture was stunning, with a lot of hole-in-the-wall places and great views from the cliffs above the beach, although the beach itself is nothing much compared to places further north. Lima is a great city for walking and watching. There were a lot of surfers, but they were all in full-body wet suits.

I went to Lima in search of a few orphanages I had heard about, including a few a bit outside the city that I did not end up having time to visit. One of these was funded by an American-founded organization called Sonrisas en Peru, which takes care of children in a home about 45 minutes from Lima and is sustained by private American and Canadian donations. Within the city, I came across an orphanage in the district of Magdalena, one of five ‘ministries’ founded by a Swiss missionary. She lives with about 10 children and the home is very much in the style of a family. They are also largely supported by foreign donations. Most homes for children in the Lima area are run or significantly supported by foreign missionaries. I also stopped by an HIV/AIDS support center in Lima that cares for children who are orphaned or in need of care due to these diseases. This was a government-run center and had serious financial problems. They were hesitant to give me too much information, and I was not allowed to meet any of the children.

I rarely had my camera with me and I did not take pictures at any of the places I visited in Lima, which I would not have been comfortable doing anyway. I spent a significant amount of time just walking around the city, so there are only a few pictures from when I remembered to bring my camera for that.


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  1. I am going to Peru in a few weeks, and will be visiting a young girl’s home. Is there anything I should know about what to expect, either about the home or the area in general?

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