Día Internacional de la Mujer

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The organization I’m currently working with celebrates el Día de la Mujer every year, and all the kids join in as a part of a parade through the area and ends with a small celebration in one of the parking lots for the Chiriyacu market, where one of the classrooms (where I work) is located, and the market where most of the kids would spend their days, if it weren’t for the organization, CENiT (centro de las niñas trabajadoras). I work with the program CEA, that helps children around 5-10 years old with their homework – an early start at 8am, with a second session after lunch for those students who have classes in the mornings. The kids are wonderful, though some are mischievous; working with CENiT has been a lot of fun and forced my Spanish to get markedly better… hopefully it will continue in that direction. There are quite a few CENiT employees/volunteers (most stay for 6-12 months) from Switzerland, Germany, Finland, and the United States – so the common language is always Spanish. Although today I joined a German conversation while we watched the ceremony for Chavez (Correa, Ecuador’s president, was there, along with… Ahmadinejad? and the president of Belarus?). Flags here are still at half-mast.

It was an exciting and sunny morning, with some entertainment by a Quiteña belly-dancer and some funny old people in elaborate costumes that were dancing. Ik hou van vrijdag! (Ik ben nog leren het Nederlands!)


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