Meeting Strange Men in Parks, and Other Quito Adventures

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When I’ve had time in the last few weeks, I’ve been wandering around el Centro Historico, trying to find an orphanage that is or once was in the area. I was told it had a bakery in front… there are a lot of bakeries. I managed to take some pictures while searching, and the Old City is a lovely area to walk around (especially during almuerzo! mmm food smells). Being alone and a woman did mean I had a lot of men following me around or walking up to me to start talking. I would like to talk to these men so I can practice my Spanish, but I’m also not a complete fool, and most of them were pretty shady. I met some harmless characters, though.

A few weeks ago I went to Teleferiqo, which is a cable car that brings one up the side of the mountain. From the top it’s another few hours of hiking to the peak of Pinchincha, but unfortunately the clouds swooped in before I finished the hike. I met a nice Quiteno family who walked part of the way with me, and on the way down I was in the hilarious company of a Filipino, an American, and two Quitenos. The former two didn’t speak Spanish, and I acted as a (n inept) translator as they tried to have some small talk.

I will try to have some pictures of the kids I’m working with soon, too.


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