Durga Pūjā

My last day at the Dream School wasn’t a day of classes: it was Vijayadashami (of course!) right before a bit of a break where students who have families to return to can go home. The festival is during Durga Puja. Hindus give thanks or a kind of worship during this festival to the tools in daily life, and things in life which allow them to flourish. I think the Puja man (this is actually how he was introduced to me) in the pictures was saying blessings, and for each item (such as the cars), he smashed a coconut on the ground. The milk leaving was to symbolize the leaving of bad spirits from the mind. Durga, the divine goddess worshiped during this time, expelled the evil spirits in one of the famous stories. After the blessings on the objects with the flame (you can see in the pictures), the Puja man brought it around and everyone took the smoke to put on their faces and through their hair.

Another festival, more goodbyes.

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