This post is kind of gross (feet warning!)

Here are two pictures: One is the area around which the children play (the Dream School, where I’m working with the kids, is the dark brown building towards the back of the picture), the second is what my feet look like after spending any significant amount of time in that area. I have the magic elixir blood so everything bites me always and it’s really painful. Usually I soak my feet in vinegar before going to bed so I don’t scratch my feet off at night. I have stopped taking antimalarials because the doxycycline was making me throw up everything ever, but I might have to start again. This is a bazillion times more painful than it looks.

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The only other shoes I have are my hiking/climbing shoes, and I don’t wear them to the school because I don’t want them to be destroyed by cow poop or worse. It’s easier to clean my feet.


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