Here’s Bangalore, though I am waiting to post the pictures of my classes and the kids until the end of the month, so they will all be together (plus it takes forever and ever to upload pictures). I’m working with children 5-10 years old, most of whom are orphans, and/or abused children who were rescued, and/or child laborers who were rescued. Needless to say, they are behind their middle-class Indian peers in terms of education. Teaching philosophy isn’t really plausible at this moment, but we try to cover basic concepts, think about thinking, and do a lot of work on their English speaking. Anyway, I’ll write about that before I leave Bangalore.

Here is just a collection of pictures from around Bangalore, but mostly between where I am living and APSA, where I’m working. It takes two buses and about 2 kilometers of walking so I’ve gotten some pictures during the parts where I’m just walking. There are some people who recognize me now because I walk the same route at the same time pretty much every day. A big difference from Mumbai is that no one objects to me taking pictures near or of the slums… and the people who live there often ask me to take their picture. I’ve included some. And since I haven’t put pictures of myself here, I am putting one so you can see what I am usually wearing when I’m teaching. Pictures with the kids will come at the end of the month…! (I also want to make sure they are all fine with having their pictures posted.)

Bangalore is quite different from Mumbai. The weather here is much less humid… aside from the sometimes-monsoon rains, the weather is like the Bay Area, actually. It’s lovely! It’s slightly less chaotic towards the outskirts of the city, where I’m staying. There aren’t really taxis – there are only the auto rickshaws. I’ve met quite a few foreigners here who all seem to work for the IT industry, and they usually have private drivers. The food is different too, and Shruti, my Bangalore mother, has been teaching me how to make roti, paneer, curries, and her special dosa. She is a very gifted chef, and we’ve even gone to an eco-fair together where she introduced me to the organic/green/local movement that’s started in south India. (Anyone who got a letter from me this month, it was from that fair.) There is farm right down the road where we get our milk every day, and hopefully I’ll get some pictures there soon…

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I might stop doing these somewhat quotidian-life posts because I’m not sure anyone is actually interested in reading them. I guess if you want me to keep putting pictures and descriptions of this sort, let me know via the comments or facebook or something. Since it takes so long to do this (with the uploading and whatnot), it’d be nice to know if I should keep doing it.

Posts on Kierkegaard (Works of Love) and Nietzsche to come, if I ever get the time to write about them.


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