I always keep track of weird things I see, and Mumbai has it’s own (growing) list of absurd signs I’ve seen while out and around:

“EITHER DRINK OR DRIVE” (on a large ad over Marine Drive)

“Speed thrills but also kills” (on the Seaway)

“HONK OK PLEASE” (on the back of every single truck in Mumbai, and adhered to loyally)

“Don’t Spit! Prevent Pollution or Perish!” (painted on a wall, opposite of which is a slum-neighborhood)

“Dirtying public space is a criminal act. Don’t litter. Don’t be a criminal.” (on a sign near the Maharashtra police building)

“Waiting for your bus? But don’t wait for your dream home!” (on many bus stops around the city)

“Are you leaving your dreams to fate?” (a company slogan on the side of a building)

“Mehboob” (this was emblazoned on the back window of a taxi) (a quick google search tells me this is a name in Hindi)


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